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The Bottega dei ragazzi

The Bottega dei ragazzi, the educational section of the Museo degli Innocenti, was founded in 2006. The Bottega offers creative educational workshops whose aim is to teach the language of artistic heritage through didactic strategies and digital supports.

The educational offer is aimed at children of all ages from 3 years old, families and also groups of adults.

The activities are inspired by the philosophy of “learning by doing”, in the style of the ancient Renaissance workshops. In the Bottega, participants will be able to play with art in the Museum, architecture in the Renaissance courtyards and travel to discover Florence and its countless artistic, architectural and cultural treasures. But above all they will be able to discover the stories of the many children who have lived inside this unique building.

The Bottega dei ragazzi collaborates with public and private, local and national organisations.

The Bottega’s activities are divided into proposals for:

Educational workshops for pre-school, primary kindergarten, primary and secondary schools


Educational workshops for families, aimed at kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.


Museum and architecture education activities to celebrate special birthdays at the museum

The activities of the Bottega dei ragazzi are realized also thanks to the contribution of our main partner

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