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Piazza della SS. Annunziata, 13 50121 Florence FI


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Museo degli Innocenti

The Museum is located in the monumental complex designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, the seat of the Istituto degli Innocenti of which the Museum is a part.

Created to exhibit the works of art of the ancient Spedale, a large centre for children without families, the Museum has been transformed into a route that allows visitors to discover a cultural heritage that is unique in the world because it is deeply linked to the work carried out in favour of children.

The route is divided between art, history and architecture, composing a story that links the past and the present of the Istituto degli Innocenti, which has been committed to promoting children’s rights for six centuries. The unity between the works of art, architecture and documentary memory bears witness to an uninterrupted history of welcoming and helping children and families: a continuity between the old Spedale and the Institute, now a Public Personal Services Agency (PSA) committed to promoting the rights of children and adolescents through the management of educational and reception services and training, research and documentation activities.

Accade al Museo


The Musei di Tutti Thematic Museum Network was born in 2019 from the meeting of important museums in Florence and Fiesole.
It is based on the conviction that cultural heritage acquires its full meaning only if it is accessible and actively participated in by each of us.


The Museo per tutti project was conceived and implemented by the Associazione l’Abilità Onlus with the Fondazione De Agostini.

On the project website you can find a page dedicated to the Museo degli Innocenti.

The project MUSEO IN RETE. Communicating, welcoming, listening, through digital technologies” conceived by the Istituto degli Innocenti is realised thanks to the contribution of Fondazione CR Firenze.


The workshop activities have the support of F.I.L.A. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini, partner of the educational proposal of the Museo degli Innocenti and La Bottega dei Ragazzi.

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