The Bottega dei ragazzi offers educational workshops on museums and architecture for families, aimed at kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

Workshops for children and young people
The workshops start with a minimum of 10 and have a maximum capacity of 20 participants. They are structured for groups of 4-7 years and 8-13 years. Pre-school children can be accompanied by an adult who will be entitled to a free ticket.

Workshops for catechism classes
On request, thematic paths on various liturgical themes can be offered from September to May.

Workshops for groups
The workshops are also for family groups, with adults and children/young people and a minimum of 20 participants.


Detectives at the museum

Ages 4-11

An engaging investigation game in which children become detectives in search of details of the works of art in the Museo degli Innocenti, where they will discover many stories to tell and retell. In the workshop each child will piece together the details to reconstruct the work they have found.

Guess who's in the mirror!?

Ages 4-7

Ancient stories and legends tell of man's desire to depict his own face and that of others. Children will discover and experiment with the elements of which a face is composed, playing with clues about their own face and that of others. They will invent and imagine endless faces and expressions. And, as the artists of the past did with imagination and creativity, they will observe themselves in the mirror and create their own self-portrait.

In the museum with your eyes closed

Ages 4-8

A sensory journey where children will be stimulated through images, sounds, colours and tactile boards to get to know and experience all their senses. We will discover together that works of art cannot be observed only with the eyes, and we will try to bring our other senses into play in order to hear, smell, taste the stories inside the works with our emotions…

Once upon a time there was a babe in swaddling clothes

Ages 8-13

"Once upon a time there was a little girl named Agata Smeralda....this was February 5, 1445."

In the middle of the 1400s, the story of the great Children's Home of Florence begins: the Ospedale degli Innocenti, the first home in the world that for centuries has housed children in need, poor or without families. Today's children will discover, through itinerant stories in the porch and in front of the works of art in the museum, the story of many children who have grown up and spent their childhood in the great house of the "Innocenti".

Yellow, red and blue and any colour you like!

Ages 4-7

Exciting game in which children will discover that three basic colours are enough to reproduce all the others. This is a tale of colours, from handprints in prehistoric caves to images in contemporary art. In the workshop, the children will experiment with colour production and make a work by colouring with their hands.

The "Quadritratti": art and fantasy workshop with Picasso

Ages 4-11

Starting from the history of portraits and self-portraits, children will discover how to make a multi-dimensional portrait using the language of an artist close to us in time, author and witness to the change and renewal of art in the early 20th century. In the workshop the children will experiment with scissors, glue and simple materials to create their own work of art.

Pippo and the magic square game

Ages 8-13

An exciting game in which children will discover the story of Pippo Brunelleschi as a child and then as an adult in 15th-century Florence and then search for the geometric figures hidden in the porches and courtyards of the Ospedale degli Innocenti. In the workshop the children will draw up a small project with squares and colours, adapted to the age of the participants.

Noah's Ark. Animal stories in works of art

Ages 4-13

Fascinating story about the city of Florence, which long ago was populated by numerous animals that helped people in their daily lives. We will discover exotic animals kept on a leash like little dogs but also tales of fantastic animals and hidden meanings. The children will be led on a treasure hunt and with clues will have to discover the animals hidden in works of art. In the workshop they can model a small animal to take home.

Searching for the Three Kings at the Museum of Innocents

Ages 4-13

The three Kings set out on a long journey to reach Jesus and give the little boy their gifts. On the way, one cold winter night, they lost their way. They knocked on a door and an old woman opened it for them, her name was Befana.

By looking at the works of art in the Museo degli Innocenti and using colourful pictures and clues, we will tell together the fantastic story of the Befana, dear to all children. In the workshop the children can make a fun craft.

Arts and crafts

Ages 8-13

The activity proposes a journey into the heart of the city through the history of the ancient Florentine guilds of trades and their close link with some of the most important architecture in the city, starting from the Ospedale degli Innocenti. A path of exploration in the city through the discovery of buildings and symbols linked to the ancient arts of Florence, with the use of the map, making the children active and aware. The route will end in Via Calzaiuoli in front of the Church of Orsanmichele.

Amerigo the Florentine who found America

Ages 8-13

The project proposes a special activity to tell the story of Amerigo Vespucci, the man who gave his name to America. Through a fascinating journey through the city places linked to his family, you will discover the culture and life of the Renaissance, in unusual places in the city of Florence, not far from the world-famous historical centre. Participants will be led on a journey in search of works of art, buildings and more or less hidden details that are difficult to observe when walking around the city. The search will be carried out through an intriguing game, at the end of which the winners will emerge, i.e. those who have found the most details.

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