The Bottega has always offered families museum and architecture education activities to celebrate special birthdays at the museum.


centri estivi Museo degli Innocenti
Detectives at the museum

Ages 4-11

An exciting investigation game in which children will become detectives in search of details of the works of art in the Museo degli Innocenti, where they will discover many stories to tell and retell. In the workshop each child will piece together the details to reconstruct the work they have found.

Pippo and the magic square game

Ages 8-13

An exciting game in which children will discover the story of Pippo Brunelleschi as a child and then as an adult in 15th-century Florence and then search for the geometric figures hidden in the porches and courtyards of the Ospedale degli Innocenti. In the workshop the children will draw up a small project with squares and colours, adapted to the age of the participants.

Noah's Ark. Animal stories in works of art

Ages 4-13

Fascinating story about the city of Florence, which long ago was populated by numerous animals that helped people in their daily lives. We will discover exotic animals kept on a leash like little dogs but also tales of fantastic animals and hidden meanings. The children will be led on a treasure hunt and with clues will have to discover the animals hidden in works of art. In the workshop they can model a small animal to take home.

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