Per disposizione governativa sono chiusi al pubblico mostre e musei fino a nuova comunicazione. Biblioteche e archivi sono aperti soltanto su prenotazione.
By government order, exhibitions and museums are closed to the public until further notice. Libraries and archives will be open by appointment only.
Following the restoration and refurbishing works that took place between 2013 and 2016 and covered most of the building, today the Innocenti Institute can host national and international exhibitions, shows and events. Rooms, halls and monumental courtyards can be used for meetings, dinners and shows. The proceeds of these events are used to support the Innocenti Institute's reception activities.

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Borghini Hall 248 sqm The space is in the basement, and in the past has hosted a number of temporary exhibitions. The new works have made it more functional and welcoming.

Salone delle Compagnie

Compagnie Hall 215 sqm. (can hold up to 80 people) Like the Borghini Hall, it's a very enthralling covered exhibition space with cross vaults and pillars. It is also in the basement.

Brunelleschi Hall approx. 275 sqm (can hold up to 300 people) This is the Institute's main hall, an ideal setting for conferences, exhibitions, concerts, shows and gala dinners.

Poccetti Hall approx. 125 sqm (can hold 100 people)  The Poccetti Hall, about 125 sqm (capacity 100 people), was the ancient women's refectory and takes its name from the fresco depicting the Massacre of the Innocents painted in the 17th century by Bernardino Poccetti. Located on the ground floor, it is adjacent to the rooms on the back of the Bookshop of the Innocenti Museum, which is accessed directly from Piazza Santissima Annunziata. It is currently used for press conferences and events, and has excellent natural lighting.

Monumental courtyards

The Men's courtyard 600 sqm Together with the main portico on the façade, the Men's courtyard has always been considered the centre of the Innocenti monumental complex (special usage procedure).

Women's Courtyard 486 sqm Completed in 1441, and assigned to the women and younger children, it is beside and directly connected to the Brunelleschi Hall and can be used for concerts and shows.

Grazzini Hall 40 sqm (can hold up to 25 people)

San Giovanni Hall 42 sqm (can hold up to 30 people) This was the old library reading room, currently used for conferences.

Priore Hall two 40 sqm (can hold up to 30 people)

Verone Café The Verone terrace is a unique location in the city and filled with greenery. This marvellous open-air space looks out over the Cathedral Cupola and the Synagogue, two of the main Florentine monuments, and the view is breathtaking.

Museum Gallery During events and celebrations one can also organise exclusive guided tours of the museum.

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